Which side do the cows live on

An example of how an ordinary scene can be used to create extraordinary photo. Things I like –
1. Superb use of DOF
2. Leading lines which take viewer from one diagonal point to another
3. Excellent bokeh
4. Lovey light which is primarily creating bokeh
5. Composition is perfect though I personally would like to crop some from the top



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One thought on “Which side do the cows live on

  1. I see your point about cropping. The brightness of the sky competes for your eye with the fence lines—they’re too close in tonality. I probably wouldn’t lose all of the bright sky, but I might cut it in half. The in-focus branches also compete with the focus on the fence at lower left. It’s a good example of how I get seduced by the parts of a photo over the whole—I really like those branches entering from the corner and that yellow going to blue bokeh in that upper right corner, so I’m lured into keeping it. But I like it apart from the whole, and this was an opportunity to sacrifice good for better. Thanks for those comments!

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