Photography – a Guilty Pleasure

What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

I am kind of a person who keeps changing his leisurely pursuits. I love to explore unknown waters to see what’s in it for me. In the endeavours, I tried being painter, sketch artist, poet, writer, sportsman (Cricket, Football, Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, etc. etc.); list is endless. This is the reason when I picked up camera I was a laughing stock among my friends and family. Stakes were high towards me giving up photography in couple of week time. About 3 years have passed and I have been promoted from a bridge camera owner to a DSLR owner and proudly possess 4 different lenses. In these three years photography has become my passion (though it’s still too soon to claim).

I created my blog in order share my work and get all the feedback and criticism I can to improve myself. I also surf internet to see others photo posts on 500PX, Flickr, WordPress, even Google to randomly find photographers website. I am so hooked up now that I sneakily visit photo sites whenever I find few minutes wherever possible, during my break at work, at home, on my iPad, Phone; in summary however possible. And the most important thing is I do not feel guilty because whats life in which you cannot have few fun moments 🙂

6 thoughts on “Photography – a Guilty Pleasure

  1. Addictive isn’t it? It’s the best hobby in the world. You never get to old to take pictures and everywhere you go, you always have something to do. And you can share it? I’ve been shooting for more than 40 years. It just gets better!

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