I found her in London Zoo, perching on a branch.
Camera – Nikon D3100
Lens – 70.0-300.0 mm f/4.0-5.6
Aperture – ƒ/4.0
Ficus length – 86.0 mm
Shutter Speed – 1/320
ISO – 200


Waiting for Spring to Arrive!


Its was a very long, wet and stormy winter in UK. There were heavy rains, floods, casualties to both men and animals and the rough side of nature devastate some part of UK.
But I can see signs of Spring in the park next to my house. Daffodils and Crocus shoots are the harbinger of spring and very soon it will be warmer and longer days. Looking forward to a very lovely spring for both photography and walks.

Brighton Pier – You are being watched


There are many beaches in the world which are haunted by greedy gulls and Brighton is no exception. Whether you are carefully watching BBQ, eating burger and chips from nearby food joints with your favorite beer or just relishing the waves crashing at the beach you are never alone. A pair of eyes are constantly watching you waiting for an opportunity to claim ‘Gull Tax’.

As soon as I saw this gull, the intensity in the eyes coerced me to leave everything at hand and capture it. I carefully moved and went past it so that Brighton Pier is in the background to set the context.

I hope you will enjoy this photograph.